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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the administrative centre of the European Union. The city is bordered by the Wallonia and Flemish regions and lies about 100km away from the North Sea.

St. Nicholas ChurchSaint Nicholas church.

King Albert IStatue of King Albert I.

Royal Square The Royal Square with the statue of Godfry of Bouillon and the Saint James church in the background.

Museum of Musical InstrumentsThe Museum of Musical Instruments.

Rue de BouchersRue de Bouchers.


Beautiful pictures! Very nice site too.

Hi Juka14!
Beautiful pictures! Loved to see Brussels with such a blue sky!
Have a nice weekend!

i very much like to these kind of places...thanks for these wonderful pictures.

Great photos! I love quaint streets like Rue de Bouchers. Is that a street? Looks to me :) Anyway, thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Have a great week!

The St. Hubert Gallery picture appeals to me...a lot. hehe...might pay a visit to Belgium soon.
Keep them coming :)

Your photos of Brussels are lovely!

Beautiful photos and good site too easy to go around

Waaauuuw.....awasome places.....!, Nice to here all day long...!.

I wish I have an oppurtunity to visit this great place...